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Saudi British Bank Launches Ripple-Powered Instant Cross-Border Transfer Service -
Nike, Telegram, Facebook, and Everyone Else Suddenly Love Blockchain -
How Crypto Markets Are Reacting to the Tether-Bitfinex Allegations - CoinDesk -
Banks Can't Snub Crypto Startups Thanks to France's New Blockchain Law - CoinDesk -
How the Blockchain Could Protect California's Aquifer -
Groundbreaking Verdict Could See NY Federal Judge Rule 'Crypto is Cash' -
Buterin Proposal Could Turn Ethereum Staking Into $160 Million Industry - CoinDesk -
US Prosecutors Charge 2 Foreign Nationals Over Bitcoin Investment Scam - CoinDesk -
Samsung IT Subsidiary Releases New Version of Enterprise Blockchain Platform -
Payments Firm Wirex Launching 26 Stablecoins on the Stellar Blockchain - CoinDesk -
India Progressing on Crypto Regulation Amid Ban Rumor - Bitcoin News -
2015 Bitcoin Price Resistance Re-Emerges Amid Bitfinex Controversy - CoinDesk -
New Crypto-Mining Malware Targeting Asian Firms With NSA Tools - CoinDesk -
Cryptocurrency exchange accused of covering up $850 million loss -
Bitcoin Tumbles After Officials Allege $850 Million Fraud -
Tether Hits Back at Claims Its Reserves Were Used to Cover $850 Million Loss at Bitfinex -
Bitfinex Used $850 Million in Tether Reserves to Cover Up Financial Loss, NY Prosecutors Allege - CoinDesk -
DeFi Upstart Dharma Brokers $6.4 Million in Crypto Loans in First 3 Weeks - CoinDesk -
Bitfinex Allegedly Covers $850 Million Loss With Tether Funds -
New York Attorney General probes crypto exchange Bitfinex over alleged $850M fraud – TechCrunch -
Bitfinex Cold Wallet Drained of $89 Million as Users Signal Exodus Over Legal Debacle -
Indian Government Again Discussing Ban on Cryptocurrencies: Report - CoinDesk -
Ohio State Legislature Introduces Bill to Allow Gov’t to Implement Blockchain Solutions -
Drug dealers who relied on Bitcoin’s ‘anonymity’ get 30 years behind bars -
CEO of Japanese Finance Giant SBI Appointed as Ripple Labs Executive -
Cryptos Tumble After NY AG Accuses Bitfinex Of Massive Fraud, "Loss" Of $850 Million -
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Tumbles: Is This Trend Change or Correction? | NewsBTC -
Crypto Slaughter Bleeds $8 Billion Wipeout in Minutes; Bitcoin Recovers Swiftly -
Bitcoin Ban Blues? India Considers Draconian Law to Ban Cryptocurrency -
Blockchain Platform for Content Creators and Fans Sets Out Plan for Gaining Global Reach -
Millionaire Teenage Rapper Lil Pump is Selling Merchandise for Bitcoin -
Ethereum (ETH) Price Tumbles Back In Bearish Zone, Sell Rallies? | NewsBTC -
Crypto Market Holding Crucial Supports: Bitcoin Cash, XLM, EOS, TRX Price Analysis | NewsBTC -
China's Proposal to Ban Cryptocurrency Mining Has Little to Do With The Environment -
Hamas raised $7,400 in Bitcoin, but it’s still learning to hide the evidence -
Bitfinex and Tether accused of $850 million cover-up -
Samoa Investigates Church After OneCoin Defied Legal Ban to Sell Products to Investors -
‘If You Want to Kill Someone, We Are the Right Guys’ -
Hamas Plays Whack-a-Mole Crypto Wallet While Raising $7,400 in Bitcoin -
Tobacco Giant Philip Morris Is Building a Different Kind of 'Public' Blockchain - CoinDesk -
Report: Hamas’ Militant Wing Using Multiple BTC Wallet Addresses to Elude Authorities -
Chinese Internet Court Employs AI and Blockchain to Render Judgement -
Investment Firm: Bitcoin Might Already Be Better Than Gold, Here's Why -
Hamas shifts tactics in bitcoin fundraising, highlighting crypto... -
Lil Pump Is Getting Into Bitcoin -
IBM to Apply Blockchain Tech to Lenovo’s Data Centers -
Samsung Invests $2.9 Million Into Crypto Wallet Startup Ledger -
Tobacco Giant Philip Morris Estimates It Could Save Up to $20 Million by Using Blockchain -
NY Attorney General goes after Tether and Bitfinex for $850M cover-up -
Binance CFO Rips Facebook's Blockchain Under Megalomaniac Zuck -
Binance Coin (BNB) Rampages Again, Gains Staggering 287% in 2019 -
Walmart unveils an AI-powered store of the future, now open to the public – TechCrunch -
FCA Regulated Payment Platform Launches 26 Fiat-Backed Cryptocurrencies On The Stellar Network -
Venture capital firm set to invest a billion dollars into crypto -
Crypto Hedge Fund Holdings Spiked 40% in Q1 2019 to Whopping $14.4 Billion -
Will Realtors Disappear? What Changes 2019 and Blockchain Bring to the Role of Agents -
Smartphone Wallpaper Lets You Track the Price of Your Favorite Coins - Bitcoin News -
Survey Shows Europeans Think Crypto Will Last a Decade, but Are Less Confident in BTC - Bitcoin News -
Europe Leads The Way In FinTech Initiatives Thanks To Hackathon -
Bitcoin Breaks Back Above $5,500, Cryptos Recover From Major Sell-Off -
Nike’s ‘cryptokicks’ trademark application hints at its new blockchain ambitions -
View Ads, Get BAT: Brave Delivers on ICO Promise of Paid Web Browsing - CoinDesk -
Next Big Move For Bitcoin Price: Will The Infamous Golden Cross Fakeout Strike Again? -
BeefChain Receives First USDA Certification For A Blockchain Company -
CheapAir Has Processed More Than 5 Million In Bitcoin Payments And Now Plans To Accept Ethereum -
Could AI Help Us Write Better Laws? -
Crypto Divided Over Tether, Some "Unequivocally" Bullish On Bitcoin -
The (Relatively) Growing Ecosystem Of Hybrid Blockchain Game Developers -
Ripple (XRP) Price Prediction: Key Support Turned Resistance | NewsBTC -
Hamas Shifts Tactics in Bitcoin Fundraising, Highlighting Crypto Risks: Research -
This browser will pay you in cryptocurrency to look at ads -
Genesis Lends $425 Million of Crypto in Q1 – and Not Just to Short Sellers - CoinDesk -
Breaking: NY AG Alleges Bitcoin Exchange Misused Tether to Hide $850M -
Crypto Blooming: Samsung Ploughs $2.9 Million in Hardware Wallet Ledger -
Bitcoin's Unbelievable 457% Two-Year Returns Leave the Dow in the Dust -
Top 3 Japanese Bank to Roll Out Services on Marco Polo Blockchain - CoinDesk -
Top Traders Held Talks on Making Crypto Part of Global Financial Architecture: Bloomberg -
Tether And Bitfinex Imbroglio Plunges Bitcoin Price By 5.8% | NewsBTC -
Samsung is working on its own blockchain and might launch its own cryptocurrency -
Will We Really Need Humans To Fix The Robots? -
Hacked Bitcoin Moves: 300 of Bitfinex Users' BTC Moves for the First Time | NewsBTC -
MakerDAO Set to Increase DAI Fees Above 15% in Bid to Stabilize Stablecoin - CoinDesk -
Here’s how Bitcoin performed in Q1 2019 -
Binance Singapore Launches But Offers Just One Trading Pair, Report -
Malta’s Financial Regulator Issues Guides on Crypto Assets, Scams -
Researchers Find Hundreds of Ethereum Wallets at Risk Due to Weak Key Pairs - Bitcoin News -
Ripple Says Sales of XRP Cryptocurrency Grew 31% in Q1 - CoinDesk -
FedEx CIO: It’s time to mandate blockchain for international shipping -
The feds still haven’t found the Nigerian scammers that stole $50K in Bitcoin -
Nike Files Trademark Patent for "Cryptokicks," Signaling Its Own Cryptocurrency Launch -
Algorithmic Crypto Trading Firm GSR Launches Crypto Hedging Product -
Japan’s 3rd Largest Bank by Assets Joins R3 Marco Polo Blockchain Network -
India is reportedly looking to ban cryptocurrencies once and for all -
Lil Pump now accepts Bitcoin on his merch store (but will he dump it?) -
Nike’s Surprise Crypto Play Could Steal Facebook’s Thunder -
Leaked Letter Exposes Infighting Atop Flagship Ethereum Project MakerDAO - CoinDesk -
Bitcoin Faces Deeper Price Pullback Before Rally Continuation - CoinDesk -
New Crypto Lending Report: Institutional Traders Short Altcoins But Not Bitcoin -
Bitfinex Accused of Fraud & The Market Follows My Analysis! for COINBASE:BTCUSD by MagicPoopCannon -
Samsung Invests $2.9 Million in Crypto Hardware Startup Ledger - CoinDesk -
#5 Trends that have Become Encouraging for India's FinTech Sector -
New cryptocurrency malware hijacks China’s enterprises to mine Monero -
US Rapper Lil Pump Starts Accepting Bitcoin via Lightning Network on Merchandise Store -
Pinterest employee #1 launches blockchain art market MakersPlace – TechCrunch -
Blockfi Launches High-Interest Crypto Lending Program in India - Bitcoin News -
Nike Files Trademark Application in the US for ‘Cryptokicks’ -
Report: United States-Based Crypto Exchange ErisX Is About to Launch its Trading Platform -
Bitcoin Dominates Demand as Genesis Processes $425 Million of Loans in Q1 2019 -
Just Do It: Even Nike Wants to Join the Crypto Family | Coinspeaker -
Experts on Ethereum Price: As Key $158 Broken, Do We HODL or Sell? -
Analyst: Bitcoin (BTC) is King and Trustless, But is it Ready For $6,000? -
Q&A: Ian McEwan on how ‘Machines Like Me’ reveals the dark side of artificial intelligence -
Ethereum POSSIBLE SHORT for BITFINEX:ETHUSD by Forex_Society -
Why people are attacking driverless cars with rocks and knives -
Has Open Banking changed anything 15 months on? -
Marsh introduces proof of insurance blockchain platform -
Disconnect between Wall Street and economy could spark market pullback, Lakshman Achuthan warns -
Bitcoin Exchange Suffers Trader Backlash Months After Suspicious ‘Fire’ -
Mt. Gox Trustee Extends Deadline for Rehabilitation Plan Submission -
New Crypto Mining Malware Beapy Uses Leaked NSA Hacking Tools: Symantec Research -
Bitcoin’s Mesmerizing 457% Two-Year Returns Leave the Dow in the Dust -
Chinese Internet Court Employs AI and Blockchain to Render Judgement -
Learn How to Use's New Point-of-Sale Solution — Bitcoin Cash Merchant - Bitcoin News -
Bitcoin Breaks Back Above $5,500, Cryptos Recover From Major Sell-Off -
Damned OneCoin scammers stole $2.3M from Kiwis using Samoan churches -
New York sues Bitfinex, claims the cryptocurrency exchange hid $850M loss - SiliconANGLE -
A new cryptocurrency mining malware uses leaked NSA exploits to spread across enterprise networks – TechCrunch -
Payment Processor Wirex Partners With Stellar, Plans to Launch 26 Stablecoins -
Samsung supposedly looking to launch its own Ethereum-based blockchain and token -
Saudi Arabia partners Vocalink for real-time payments -
Tobacco Giant Philip Morris is Opening to Blockchain | Coinspeaker -
Pop Culture Shift: Nike Forays into Crypto as Technology Continues Going Mainstream | NewsBTC -
Bitcoin - Perfect Trading Setup 100% PROFIT !!! for BITMEX:XBT by TheTradingDog -
BITCOIN / USD - WILL HISTORY REPEAT ITSELF? - CryptoManiac101 for BITSTAMP:BTCUSD by CryptoManiac101 -
Why Everyone In Crypto Is Talking About DeFi -
Why Tech Billionaires Are Spending To Restrain Artificial Intelligence -
It's Not Just Autonomous Cars Of The Future That Need Security - Today's Do Too -
Samsung invests $2.9 million in French cryptocurrency startup Ledger -
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Drops on Bitfinex Losses, New York Lawsuit -
New York says cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex hid $850-million loss -
Tether Treasury Mints $300 Million of Stablecoin: What Could It Mean for Bitcoin Price? | NewsBTC -
Yara, IBM to Offer Digital Services to Farmers -
Blockchain Startups: A By-The-numbers Look At Europe's Key Leaders -
Moon plan update for BITFINEX:BTCUSD by magicsignals -
Assange's Imprisonment Reveals Even More Corruption Than WikiLeaks Did -
Analytics + AI: How Sales Can Get The Most From Data -
2,000 More US Grocery Stores Enable Bitcoin Buying at Coinstar Machines - CoinDesk -
PSA: Don’t give in to police officer asking for your Bitcoin, it’s a scam -
Hamas shifts tactics in bitcoin fundraising, highlighting crypto... -
Bitcoin plunged after a major crypto exchange was accused of using client money to hide $850 million of missing cash -
Blockchain Payments Firm Bitspark Releases Stablecoin Pegged to Philippine Peso -
At Least 95 Percent of Crypto Crimes Involve Bitcoin, Chainalysis Executive Says -
Moscow and Three Russian Regions to Legally Pilot Crypto and DLT Tech: Local Media -
JPMorgan Continues to Explore Blockchain for Cross-Border Payments, Having Signed 220 Banks Worldwide Along the Way -
'You Can't Take My Door' is both country music and AI's greatest achievement -
NY Attorney General sues Bitfinex and Tether to unearth “fraud being carried out” by the firms -
How to Easily Add a Bitcoin Cash Price Chart to Your Website - Bitcoin News -
Drug dealers who relied on Bitcoin's 'anonymity' get 30 years behind bars -
Here's what Democratic presidential hopefuls say about AI on Twitter (not much) -
Japan’s Finance Minister Urges Reporters to Adopt New Legal Term ‘Crypto Assets’ -
A 40cm-square patch that renders you invisible to person-detecting AIs -
Ripple Reports 31% Increase in Firm’s Quarterly XRP Sales -
Securities and Exchange Commission Plans to Hire in-House Crypto Specialist -
Rock Star Litecoin: Charlie Lee Rails Against S**t Coins and Scam Coins -
Fintech Startup Robinhood Wants to be a Bank Now, Too -
New Code Helps Lightning Users Protect Their Bitcoin from File Corruption - CoinDesk -
Bitfinex Accused Of Using Tether To Cover Major Losses -
Bitfinex Under Scanner for Covering Up $850M Loss of Tether Reserves -
Bitfinex Used Tether Reserves to Mask Missing $850 Million, Probe Finds -
Range trading: Crypto currency market as for 26/04/2019 for BITFINEX:BTCUSD by Trade24Fx -
Ethereum - Weakness in correlatin to BTC for BINANCE:ETHBTC by AlphaTradeZone -
massively short on Bitcoin waiting for 4257 for BITMEX:XBT by welcome_universe -
| -
Magic Leap Raises $280 Million From NTT DoCoMo -
U.S. Firm Genesis Says It Loaned More Than $1.5 Billion in Cryptocurrency -
Samsung Trials Plus Ethereum 2.0 Another Reason To Be ETH Bullish -
BTCUSD Go Down for BITFINEX:BTCUSD by fxmani -
BTC - Bitcoin on Sale! Get em while supplies last! for BITSTAMP:BTCUSD by KWA -
bitcoin longuru for KRAKEN:XBTUSD by joselego -
Binance DEX - Competition 5,000 BTC ! for BITMEX:XBTUSD by Support-Trading-Team-08 -
#Bitcoin 4h chart update ! 04/26/19 7:32 am EST for BITFINEX:BTCUSD by cryptcowboy -
#BTC for BITFINEX:BTCUSD by Blayno_Gainz -
Crypto Adoption is Like Internet in 1990s With 50M+ Users, Massive Potential Left -
Bitcoin SV (BSV) Technical Analysis: Continues to Capitulate Inside Falling Wedge -
Iraq’s financial inclusion drive boosted by homegrown fintech -
Why Is Bitcoin Outperforming Most Altcoins? -
Commodities Sector Set To Gain From Tech Advances, From Blockchain & Beyond -
Hamas shifts tactics in bitcoin fundraising, highlighting crypto risks: research -
Cryptocurrency should be banned, says government official -
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Correction Approaching Significant Support | NewsBTC -
Bullish Bitcoin Altcoin Carnage Continues, Analyst Says Capitulation Just Beginning -
[BTTBTC](333%) BitTorrent Full Long Term Trade @alanmasters for BINANCE:BTTBTC by alanmasters -
Bitcoin and Bitfinex game changer or just a bump in the road for COINBASE:BTCUSD by botje11 -
Bitcoin choose your fractal! for BITSTAMP:BTCUSD by FlaviusTodorius67 -
BITCOIN Medium term pull back to accumulate more buyers. for BITSTAMP:BTCUSD by TradingShot -
Bitcoin mid-terms are in! BTC SHORT for COINBASE:BTCUSD by adztrade -
Crazy market reactions ahead for BITFINEX:BTCUSD by Kashmirpuma -
Looks like bitcoin wants to break up? for COINBASE:BTCUSD by ozwald -
China's Xi says Belt and Road must be green, sustainable -
Stock futures turn positive after upbeat U.S. GDP data -
Crypto lender Genesis says it has loaned $1.53B since March 2018, and most financing is for exchanges and trading desks, with 3%-5% of bitcoin loans for shorts -
Investor protection forum bats for ban on cryptocurrencies -
#Bitcoin 4h chart update ! 04/25/19 11:17 pm EST for BITFINEX:BTCUSD by cryptcowboy -
The opportunities and risks of using AI in financial services -
Tron (TRX/BTC)(Binance) Buy 0.00000437 BTC > 0.00000857 BTC for BINANCE:TRXBTC by druumabb -
What A Move Bitcoin for BITFINEX:BTCUSD by Huntdesign -
Blockchain Spending In APEJ Expected To Hit $2.4 Billion By 2022 -
Cryptocurrencies: The New Global Financial System -
26 Stablecoins Launched on Stellar Blockchain, Here's Why It's so Critical -
Philip Morris To Track Tax Stamps Using Blockchain Technology -
Are Micropayments The Future Of Online Transactions? -
Blockchain 50: Billion Dollar Babies -
An information chain that could end contaminated seafood -
Samsung Invests $2.9M In Draper-Backed Cryptocurrency Storage Startup Ledger -
PayPal plans $500 million Uber investment -
Experts believe Bitcoin will soon exceed $6,000 -
Survey Says Sell? Just 43% Believe 'Golden Cross' is Bullish for Bitcoin -
Ripple's Disastrous Year: XRP is the Worst-Performing Major Crypto of 2019 -
Bitcoin is Criminals' 'Favorite', Used in 95% of Crypto Crimes: Forensic -
Elon Musk Shuts Down ‘The Office’ Star in Epic Twitter Diss -
Telecoms Giant NTT’s Thai Unit Plans to Launch Blockchain, AI, IOT Innovation Lab -
US SEC Issues Fresh Investor Alert Against Fraudulent Digital Asset Trading Sites -
Bitcoin Ban Blues? India Reportedly Weighs Draconian Law to Ban Cryptocurrency -
Analysing candlestick patterns within cryptocurrency -
Crypto trading firm GSR launches new bitcoin hedging product -
The 5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Will Reach $20,000 Again, And Soon-ish -
Hyundai taps the blockchain to track used cars with help from Blocko - SiliconANGLE -
IBM Blockchain Gets Another Customer: Volkswagen. What Does this Mean for Mass Adoption? | Hacked: Hacking Finance -
The regulation of cryptocurrency in Brazil and the rise of traceability -
Experts believe Bitcoin will soon exceed $6,000 -
Nike’s Surprise Crypto Play Could Steal Facebook’s Thunder -
Bitfinex Operator Accused by N.Y. of $850 Million Cover-Up -
Thailand’s Largest Commercial Bank and State Oil Company Trial Blockchain Payments -

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