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$150,000 of Stolen Indian Bank Money Used to Invest in Bitcoin - CryptoCoinsNews -
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Central Bank Digital Currency Brings Wider Access: Bank of Japan - CryptoCoinsNews -
Venture-Capital Firms Use Big Data to Seek Out the Next Big Thing -
Banks Get Personal in Their Marketing -
EncryptoTel ICO Is Live Now, Quickly Raises Over US$845,000 -
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Bitcoin Price Watch; Here's What's Next... - NEWSBTC -
Flux, a fintech startup founded by ex-Revolut employees, wants to make paper receipts obsolete -
New Bitcoin Core Software Makes SegWit Optional for Miners - CoinDesk -
Invest your bitcoins in a bitcoin casino -
California's Version of BitLicense Returns As Legislative Proposal AB 1123 -
Fintech lures MBAs away from banking and consulting -
BitPay May Activate Bcoin's Implementation of Extension Blocks on the Mainnet Soon -
Fintech Apps Bring Stability to Stressed Families -
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Blockchain Could Expand Central Bank Access, Says Bank of Japan - CoinDesk -
New Blockchain Deal Seeks to Expand Delaware's Business Appeal - CoinDesk -
BTC/USD and BTC/JPY Technical Analysis April 25, 2017 - NEWSBTC -
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Studying thousands of 3-D objects will help robots navigate your home -
Cloud Services and Cryptocurrency Mining Malware - NEWSBTC -
AsicBoost Increases Profits by 2,000% For Bitcoin Miners If Utilized Covertly: Antonopoulos - CryptoCoinsNews -
IBM and NUS collaborate to promote FinTech and blockchain training in Singapore -
Bitcoin Unlimited Nodes Crash Due to Memory Leaks - CryptoCoinsNews -
Token Summit in New York explores brave new world of blockchain ICOs -
UK's deficit slashed to level last seen before the financial crisis  -
India’s ‘Million Meals’ Program taps Blockchain Tech to End Child Hunger - CryptoCoinsNews -
People are scared of artificial intelligence for all the wrong reasons -
Eight ways machine learning is already in your life - BBC News -
Insurance Customers Need to Get Used to Talking to Machines -
Bitcoin Firm Bitwage Partners New Bank, Improves Services to EU Customers - CryptoCoinsNews -
The Next Phase of the Blockchain Consortium is Here - CoinDesk - is advising startup bank Atom on 'culture, philanthropy and technology' -
Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 04/25/2017 - Potential Countertrend Setup - NEWSBTC -
YesToBitcoins: A Startup Helping Canadians Pay Their Credit Card Bills with Bitcoin - CryptoCoinsNews -
Blockchain: A Rose By Any Other Name -
'Fintech Disruption In Lending Space Is Very Slow Now' -
South Korea Backs World’s First Blockchain Pilot for Insurance Payments in Seoul - CryptoCoinsNews -
We followed an Australian fintech startup for 6 months -- here's their story of much pain, small gains, late nights and burgers -
Wikipedia's founder wants to fight fake news with a crowdfunded news site -
The US might ban laptops on flights from European airports -
Linux Foundation and Free Software Foundation Europe Introduce Resources to Support Open Source Software License Identification and Compliance -
Special Report: Bitcoin 'creator' races to patent technology with gambling tycoon -
Bank of England's staff gym lockers not accepting new £1 coins  -
Artificial intelligence survey finds UK public broadly optimistic -
MBAs Flocking To FinTech (Instead Of Banking) | -
One Year In, Equity Crowdfunding Is Still Waiting For Its Moment -
Cryptocurrencies = $30 Billion -
Alphabet's Self-Driving Cars to Get Their First Real Riders -
How do these strange currencies compare to bitcoin? - Blockchain Blog -
Retailers Are Going Bankrupt at a Record Pace -
Sir Alex Ferguson-backed startup Pockit has raised £2.3 million -
Bank of Korea: High Costs Could Limit Cryptocurrency Use - CoinDesk -
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Disruption's Next Target: Cars -
Financial Institutions Are Way Behind In FinTech: MIT FinTech Conference -
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Automation And Society: Will Democracy Survive The Internet Of Things? -
PwC Report: 88% of Global Banks Sweat over Losing Revenue to FinTech Firms - CryptoCoinsNews -
TorCoin Takes Anonymity To A New Level, Integrates With TOR - CryptoCoinsNews -
Google says it is on track to definitively prove it has a quantum computer in a few months’ time -
IBM's Principles of Enterprise Blockchain Adoption - NEWSBTC -
Combating Fraud With Machine Learning | -
BBVA Does Intl. Transactions With Blockchain | -
Does a gold-backed digital currency seem far-fetched? Look who's behind it -
OracleVoice: How ConnectOne Bank Got Agile And Co-Opted Fintechs -
NAB: Artificial Intelligence Is the Next Frontier for Virtual Reality -
Even young, hip Americans don’t want to use mobile payment apps -
Cryptocurrencies = $30 Billion | Hacked: Hacking Finance -
Business Leaders Lack Metric for Digital Success: Survey -
FinTech Conferences Are Broken -
5 ways chatbots are maturing in 2017 -
Non-wealthy consumers need financial innovation, too -
This replica Galaxy S8 icon pack is available for free for the next 12 hours -
3 pillars of building a great product to help stand out against your competition -
Bitcoin is getting close to its all-time high -
Mark Cuban is backing an app that's trying to help people avoid overdraft fees -
A Warren Buffett-backed insurance tech company is going to help 'uninsurable' diabetics in the UK -
Ratan Tata-Backed SeedPlus Closes Debut Fund to Invest in Asia -
Behind the Money: He stepped out of the Pentagon and into venture capital -
Starling Bank's partnered with Vocalink for mobile payment tech -
Google has a new 17-in-1 camera for shooting 360-degree footage -
Flux, a fintech startup founded by ex-Revolut employees, wants to make paper receipts obsolete -
Xiaomi's excellent Android phones will come to the US by 2019 -
An inspiring story for women in fintech -
CFPB’s ‘project catalyst’ failed. Fintech deserves better -
General election 2017: What will happen to proposed laws? - BBC News -
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Ransomware Is Being Hidden Inside Attachments of Attachments -
ABB, IBM team up on industrial artificial intelligence -
CIO Explainer: What Is Blockchain? -
IBM Names Three Blockchain Adoption Principles Essential for Every CEO to Consider -
XYPN Announces 2nd Annual #XYPN17 Advisor Fintech Competition -
Exclusive Interview With Travis Jarae, CEO and Founder of One World Identity -
Babylon Health raises further $60M to continue building out AI doctor app -
Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence: The Tech Trends at DES2017 -
Blockchain App Humaniq's HMQ Token to be Traded on Six Exchanges -
Will Blockchain Technology Be the Ultimate Disrupter? Harvard Says Yes -
Auto-initiation of insurance claims through Blockchain -
Interview: Bitcoiner Jameson Lopp, A Big Blocker, Explains Why He Supports Segwit - CryptoCoinsNews -’s CEO is ‘heartbroken’ that users are upset their data was sold to Uber -
The brains behind BitTorrent will create a new cryptocurrency to rival Bitcoin -
Money Managers Take Off the Gloves in Dealing With Companies -
Morning Agenda: The Trump Tax Cut -
Ant’s Global Mobile Strategy | -

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